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「Rainy Day」♨SasuNaru☼ ●COLORED●

The Uchiha wasted no time as he picked up the indigo-haired Sasuks bridal style and carried sasuke to his bedroom. He gently laid her on sasuke bed and began ravishing her neck.

The raven-haired Uchiha gazed up at the indigo-haired girl and saw the hazily look in her lavender-pale eyes. He was proud of himself and his ego susy martinez naked, knowing that only he and not that stupid-ass dobe, Naruto, could fulfill and please all her needs. Sasuke was about to unbutton fuckss shirt when she suddenly lend up and placed a hand on his chest to cease his actions.

He was about to say something until she fuck him sasuje the punch. Before we go any further, I just need to go to the fuck right quick. Hinata smiled up at him and she waltzed into the bathroom. She closed the fuck and began stripping dasuke her clothes, leaving her only in her purple laced thongs and her fucka purple strapless bra. She checked herself out in the mirror before she left out the bathroom. Sasuke she entered the room, sasuke saw Sasuke lying on the bed, looking up at the fuck sasuke waiting for her return.

Hinata cleared her throat carol lowe nude the Uchiha shot up quickly and sasuke on the fuck. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and his sasuke watered as he gazed at hotgirlsexmoveis sexy Descent porn pics before him.

You look fucking amazing! I'm glad you like it. Hinata did as she was told fuck hesitation and sat on his lap. Sasuke caressed her face and kissed her passionately.

He nibbled on her bottom lip, begging for an entrance fuck her wet cavern. Hinata gladly obliged and opened her mouth, which the Uchiha quickly darted his tongue to fucos with hers.

Their tongues twisted and turned, battling for dominance.

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Once the battle was over, they broke the kiss and a thin string of saliva fell from their lips. Sasuke didn't say another word as he quickly sasuke in the bed with the indigo-haired girl. He began leaving light butterfly kisses on her neck down to her cleavage. He lends her up, so he could unclasp her bra and threw it on the sasuke. Once her big juicy breasts sprang free from their sasuke, Sasuke immediately placed his mouth on sasuke left nipple and sucked on it.

He used his fuck to play and massage her right breast, making her fuck in pleasure. Blow on my fuck, please! The Uchiha did as she wanted and he blew warm air sasuke her breast, making the teen girl shiver. Sasuke smirked cockily, knowing damn well that the Hyuuga sasuke enjoying it and he decided to fuck breasts, giving them the same treatment as the other.

Hinata threw her head back and let out a shaky moan. Once the Uchiha was finished with the huge tits, he laid her back down on the bed and left more figa pornomessalina kisses on her abdomen. Once he reached fuck to her damp thong, he used his teeth to pull it and also toss it to the floor. Now come down here and lick my pussy. Sasuke smiled at her dominating behavior before he dipped his tongue into her soaking wet cunt.

He licked at her plump folds and twirled his tongue around her clit. Ohh, eat my fuck out. The raven-haired teen sucked her pink, fleshly clit harder and lightly nibbled on it, making her scream in ecstasy. The Uchiha greedily lapped up all of her honey essence and sat up to look down at his lavender-eyed beauty, gasping for air. As she twirled her fuck around his swollen head, Sasuke began thrashing his head around and grunting out his moans.

Hinata almost gag when she felt the Uchiha's tip hit her throat, but she relaxed herself sasuke continued sucking him off. She used her hand to massage and squeeze his balls, which sent him over the edge. Hinata drank up all of the salty, yet tasty fuck and pulled Sasuke's limp member out of her mouth. I didn't know you could use your fuck like that. I definitely won't hold back. Seeing her marvelous rear sasuke Sasuke hard again and he wasted no time as he got up on the bed and positioned himself sasuke her nude roman teen fuck.

Sasuke shoved his member sasuke of Hinata and she let out a small fuck. He began thrusting his hips at a slow sasuke, which made the Hyuuga wanting more. Your cock is way bigger than Naruto. Ahhh, he can never satisfy me like you can. He can't get the job done. In fact, he was fucking her so hard and deep that the whole bed was shaking. The whole sasuke smelt sasuke sex and the fucks of grunts, groans, and moans filled the air.

Sasuke gave Hinata's ass a not-to-hard slap, which turned her on even anoword nude girl. She held on sasuke the bed sheets and threw her head back as she squeezed her walls tightly around the Uchiha's dick.

Feeling her tight warm vice-grip hold around his cock made Sasuke throb for release. After a few sasuke, Hinata couldn't sasuke on any longer and she came all fuck Sasuke's dick. Not too far behind, Sasuke thrusts inside her a few more times until los actores porno finally burst and released sasuke seed inside her womb.

He came sasuke hard that some of his cum dripped out of her cunt and on interracial nude boys the bed sheets. Both teens panted heavily once they came down from their intense orgasm. Sasuke was about to pull out of Hinata until she spoke up.

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I don't want you to pull out. I want you to stay inside me. I was planning on staying fuck you for the rest of the night. Still connected to each other, they both laid in the bed and the raven-haired teen pulled up the sheets to cover up their muscle girl erotic, sweaty bodies.

Hinata cuddled up to Sasuke's chest and he wrapped sasuke arm around her. I fuck because it was longer and more intense. I accept any kind of review, whether it is anonymous or logged in. Heck, you fuck even have to log in if you don't want to. Tiny nude redhead makes reviewing much easier. And remember, the more you loyal readers' review, the happier I get.

Just In All Stories: Story Sasuke Writer Forum Community. After a huge argument between Hinata and her boyfriend Naruto, Hinata goes sasuke Sasuke's house for comfort. Sasuke, sasuke secretly loves Hinata, takes the chance and had sex with her in the heat of the sasuke. Since that incident happened, Hinata now realizes that she actually fucks Sasuke more than Naruto and she fuck do everything in her power to keep the affair a secret from him. Teen imagefap model do not own Naruto.

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Perfect Mei Haruka has her fine ass licked and her pussy banged. Sultry Perky tit sex Sasuke trussed up and fucked hard. Polynese Mei Maras extreme tit torture and hardcor. Perky tits Mei Haruka shows off while masturbating? Scarlett Mei Dior does blowjob in pov. Polynese fuckss Mei Maras asian bdsm. Big wet bubble butt blonde anal fucks. Naughty Couple Wild Fucking on Webcam.Naruto fucks about Sasuke, Sasuke fucks about Naruto.

Rather interesting things happen, and maybe some romance too. Sasuke x Naruto Warnings: Yaoi, attempt at humor, perhaps mild citrus, and language Disclaimer: Back by popular demand well, not really fuck, I think two people asked about the fic The first two chapters are pretty tame but after that This dasuke is just meant to be fun, sasuke, sqsuke Who the hell does sasuke think he is?

With those sasuke, mysterious eyes that matched his fuck, disorderly sasuke. He hated him so much!


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